• The Benefits of Skin Brushing

    Posted on June 30, 2013 by admin in Dry Skin Brushing, Side Bar.

    An Ancient Technique which is gaining great popularity one again

    The most obvious benefit of dry skin brushing is that it removes the dead skin layers, as well as all other outer skin impurities leading to softer, suppler more youthful looking skin. This is the main reason why many people get started practicing this technique.  Once they start to notice significant improvement in their skin texture and health they become inspired to implement the 20-minute sessions in their everyday schedule

    Body brush long handle

    In complementary medicine terms, the body is considered to breathe through the skin. Because of this cleaning away the toxins and dead skin cells on the surface, is very important for the skin to be able to absorb more nutrients and oxygen, as well as to renew itself more efficiently. If toxins and dead skin cells build up on the skin’s surface, the skin isn’t able to remove this debris and that situation places additional stress on the other organs in the body. As the toxic build-up is removed, the skin will start looking and feeling much better and will literally start glowing with regular and proper use of the technique.


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