• TopNotch Body Brush on sale: get the best brush on half price!

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    TopNotch are pleased to announce the summer sale on their best body brush. Instead of paying the full price of £19.99, Amazon UK customers can now order the brush for only £9.89 and this includes the free Amazon Super Saver Delivery. See here for the latest price Amazon Body Brush

    Body brush long handle

    Nothing can beat a morning showering routine that wakens up the system and fills you up with fresh energy. Taking a refreshing morning shower is much better than coffee, and taking a shower with the TopNotch body brush cannot be compared to anything. The things you do in the morning set you up for the rest of your day, and using this brush in the shower will ensure you to have a topnotch day!

    Using body scrubs every day can damage and irritate the sensitive skin, but exfoliation is still necessary for the body. Exfoliation will not only leave the skin soft and smooth, but will also enhance its natural ability to hydrate itself and become more radiant and healthier. A quick brush over before your bath or shower with the TopNotch body brush and there is no need to use those abrasive cosmetic products to exfoliate your skin, that dry it out and make the lotion application unavoidable. Also using cosmetic abrasive products in you daily skin care routine makes your skin lazy and unproductive. Using the TopNotch body brush to exfoliate your body is completely different: it cares for the skin in the most natural way, enhancing its natural functions and encouraging it to heal itself.

    If you are struggling with back acne, then your dermatologist surely recommended you to regularly exfoliate the dead skin cells in order to allow the skin to breathe and regenerate itself. However, the chemicals found in commercial abrasive products can have a more damaging effect on the sensitive, acne-prone skin on the back. There is no need to use aggressive products for exfoliation; because the dense and firm, but soft bristles of the TopNotch back brush have the exact amount of stiffness to offer the best exfoliation.

    Another great feature of the body brush is the long handle that makes all areas easily-reachable, so you won’t have any problems scrubbing your back with it while showering. This really is the best back scrubber you could ever imagine! In comparison to wooden body brushes, the plastic TopNotch body brush is much better because it wins under the test of moisture. Wooden brushes with natural bristles are not suitable for use under the shower because they crack or warp and they are not hygienic. People used wooden brushes for skin care a long time ago, but now there is no need to settle for less because the TopNotch body brush satisfies all quality requirements. Now you don’t have to use three different brushes for dry skin brushing, showering and face exfoliation – the TopNotch body brush is suitable for all purposes.

    Besides making your skin smooth and lovely, the regular use of this body brush under the shower will improve the blood circulation, encouraging the ability of your body to eliminate metabolic wastes. This practice ultimately leads to elimination of cellulite – is there a woman who doesn’t want that? The everyday use of the body brush under the shower not only tones your skin to perfection, but it will also help to tone your muscles and provide for an even distribution of fat deposits.

    Get ready for the bikini season in the most affordable way! Order your TopNotch long handle body brush on Amazon UK for only £9.89 and start practicing your new morning routine!

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