• How to clean the TopNotch Acrylic Organizer

    Posted on July 12, 2013 by admin in Cosmetic Organizer.

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    STEP 1: Using a clean soft cloth or sponge, wash your cosmetic organizer with a mild soap or detergent in a lukewarm water solution.

    STEP 2: Rinse well with clean water.

    STEP 3: Dry the organizer by blotting with a clean damp cloth.

    STEP 4: Protect your cosmetic organizer and maintain its surface gloss by occasional polishing with a good plastic cleaner and polish.

    How to Polish your Acrylic Organizer

    Apply a thin even coat of plastic cleaner with a soft clean white cloth and polish lightly with a soft cotton cloth. This will help eliminate electrostatic charges that can attract dust particles on acrylic organisers.

    Or you may also apply a thin even coat of a good grade automobile wax (not a cleaner-wax combination) with a soft clean cloth.

    Buff lightly with a clean cotton flannel cloth. After polishing, wipe with a clean white damp cloth to ground any electrostatic charges which may attract dust particles.

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