• Dry skin brushing:ancient practice

    Posted on August 8, 2013 by admin in Press Releases.

    Dry skin brushing is an ancient beauty technique that is brought back to life. No modern cosmetic products could substitute this easy practice that goves beautiful skin and many health benefits as a result. The TopNotch Body Brush is now available in the Amazon UK store, with a free eBook on dry skin brushing as a limited-time offer.

    dry skin brushing guide ebook

    The practice of dry skin brushing has been known for centuries in the Ayurvedic medicine, as an effective detoxification technique that improves the overall health. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it deserves proper attention. The TopNotch Body Brush is the best tool for practicing this simple, yet very powerful technique.

    With daily usage of the body brush by TopNotch, the skin will eliminate all toxins and will support the body’s organs better. Not only will the skin will appear more radiant, but the entire body and mind will be revitalized and stimulated at the same time.

    Dry skin brushing is the most powerful natural way of aiding the body’s lymphatic system. It cleans the skin’s pores deeply, without inhibiting its ability to produce a protective layer of natural oils.
    The TopNotch Dry or Wet Body Brush is the ideal tool for dry skin brushing because it is completely hygienic and washable, and thanks to its long handle, it can reach all body parts easily. Also buyers can learn how to practice the technique properly thanks to the eBook The Dry Brushing Guide, which is offered for free with each purchase.

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